Open all year, staffed all nights

Check in after noon 1600   Check out prior at 1200 am

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Booking policy

Please contact us if you want to know more about our booking policys.

The booking is binding, both for clients and hostels, once it has been confirmed.
Confirmation can be done verbal or in writing. If an agreement has been made by telephone, this is valid as confirmation.

When booking, name, address and telephone number must be provided, as well as details of arrival and departure date.

Cancellation and non-arrival

Cancellations must be made no later than 18.00 the day before arrival.
In case of late cancellation or non-arrival, you will be charged for one day. Other cancellation rules apply for groups and larger parties (contact us for more info)

Depart before the agreed time
If you have ordered for a certain time, but depart before this time expires, you will pay the same compensation as for late cancellation. In addition to the price for the time you stayed at the hostel, another day is charged.

Usually happens upon arrival. Prepayment may occur.
For groups, prepayment and special booking rules generally apply
We receive the most common credit cards.
However, we are not required to accept checks, coupons or foreign currency unless we have offered to do so.
Check in

Earliest at 4 pm - “The hostel is staffed all night.
Check out
No later than 12.00 on the day of departure.

According to Nordic law, the Hostel is responsible for you and your belongings, only if the injury is caused by the Hostel staff.

The guest is responsible for any damage which he or his guests cause within the Hostel and its area.

Guests who cause a fire alarm are responsible for the costs incurred by the alarm

At the Hostel, we want everyone to enjoy themselves in a calm and relaxed environment.

It is therefore not allowed to play loud music or perform any other activity that may disturb other guests.

Sleeping bags are not allowed.
Sheet pillowcase and duvet cover should be included or rented here at the hostel.
Smoking is prohibited in all our rooms and areas.
Pets are prohibited at the hostel and its area

You may not use the accommodation or the hostel's area for anything other than what was agreed upon booking.

You must not let more people stay in the accommodation than you stated at the time of booking.

Only checked-in guests have access to the room and the hostel's facilities.
Partying is prohibited at the hostel, Use common sense.

If complaints about disturbing behavior come to our knowledge or if our rules are not followed, we have the right to immediately reject the guest or guests who are the cause of the disturbance. (Refund does not happen then.)